Davis Chiropractic Promise


At Davis Chiropractic, there is nothing more important to us than to have our patients be completely pleased with every single visit!

Our patients should never ever be disappointed with any aspect of their experience with us. From the moment they walk in the reception room, to receiving Chiropractic Care and checking out to make their next appointment, we want to see a smile on everyone's face!

So we asked our patients to come up with a slogan that represented just that!

And here is what they came up with based upon their patient experiences, at Davis Chiropractic....

"Need a great Chiropractor? Davis Chiropractic is the best stop!"

"Davis Rocks, Staff Rocks, I am so glad I found Davis Chiropractic."

"We promise you'll fill better at Davis Chiropractic with every snap, crackle, pop."

"Davis Chiropractic will set you straight."

"Do you feel out of whack? Davis Chiropractic will bring you back."

"We promise to be there for you, for the rest of your life."

"Our promise is to improve your quality of life!"

"It is so great it will keep you straight!"

"Davis Chiropractic, We've got your Back!"

"Come on Back, you will feel better!"

"We want you to know that every visit is personable and designed specifically for your needs A home away from home"

"Davis Chiropractic, better bones, better feel, better place!"

"Feeling broken down? Let Davis fix you up. Davis Chiropractic a better place to be!"

"A visit to Davis Chiropractic is a journey to satisfaction!"

"An adjustment a day leads to an Exceptional day!"

"We adjust more than your back, we adjust your life!"

"Helping you feel better, one visit at a time!"

"If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied"

"Have fun with your back!"

"We promise pain management. Our success lies in reduced pain with maintance check-ups."

"Every visit at Davis Chiropractic will be friendly and professional because your wellness is our top priority!"

"Davis Chiropractic promises to be the health highlight of your day!"

"Giving you the best individual patient care, so that you can begin a speedy road to your recovery!"

"If you get in a twist, give us shout!"

"Choose to Feel Better, Choose Davis Chiropractic."

"Dr. Davis and Staff make you feel like family and treat headaches, insomnia, whiplash, and leave you with a smile!"

"Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Dr. Davis!"

"Our promise is to help you make your life better!"

"Help us, Help you. Davis Chiropractic."

"Chiropractic is the power that lines our spine so we can feel fine."

"When in pain, don't refrain. Go to Davis Chiropractic, again-again."

"Striving for a better you- That's what Davis Chiropractic can do!"

"Every visit is a happy, healthy visit at Davis Chiropractic!"

"Davis Chiropractic adjusting your pain to heal the sprain and strains in your life mending not only your body but peace of mind!"

"Part of having a good day is going to Dr. Davis"

"Davis Chiropractic promises to be the best part of your day!"

"Crawl in-Walk out"

"Davis Chiropractic, service that goes the extra mile. Adjustments that make you smile!"

"Davis Chiropractic and staff are concerned about your health and well being."

"Slip and Fall, give us a call! Davis Chiropractic."

"Feeling good is Davis's Business"

"We at Davis Chiropractic promise to make every experience work for you if it doesn't seem right, let us know so we can fix it!"

"We at Davis Chiropractic promise to make your experience very comfortable, if not let us know!"

"We'll get your back on track with your life!"

"Davis commitment to excellence, a promise you can count on."

"Davis Chiropractic, we start with bare bones of things and work our way up until you feel great!"

"Get back on track and adjust your back at Davis Chiropractic!"

"Your back not feeling great from a fall? Give us a call to have you back feeling great!"

"If there is a problem with your back Dr. Davis has the knack!'

"Changing lives one adjustment at a time."

"Got Pain?"

"No Drama, Just great treatment!"

"Every visit will bring you "back" to a smile!"

"You can count on Davis to help you be healthy and pain free!"

"If you want the pain away, call Davis Chiropractic today!"