Personal Injury - Car Accidents, Sports, Workers Comp

Davis Chiropractic has over 39 years of Experience in the local Reno Nevada area.

Davis Chiropractic takes special interest in Personal Injury Cases, whether you have been in a Car Accident, or if you have a Sports or Work-Related Injury.

These injuries, if left untreated, can lead to serious conditions and health consequences

Why choose Davis Chiropractic for your personal injury care?

  • We provide X-Rays in our faciltiy
  • We always perform a thorough examination of your condition
  • We work with many personal injury attorneys and we accept attorney liens
    • This allows us to treat you while your attorney works with the insurance companies.

  • We can also provide expert witness testimony if your case requires
  • If we can't help you, we will refer you to a specialist that can!

We look forward to helping you feel better!

Call us now to schedule your exam and consultation!


Top Ten CHIROPRACTIC things to do if you are in an Auto/Car Accident

  1. Stay calm and move carefully. Injuries may not be immediately evident
  2. Do not comment to anyone about how or who caused the car accident
  3. Do not comment about how you feel since symptoms from the car accident may not be immediately known
  4. Move vehicles involved in the car accident off busy roads
  5. Write down license number of the other vehicle in the car accident
  6. Call the police to report a car accident
  7. Exchange names, address and insurance data
  8. Make notes of how you remember the car accident happening
  9. Call your car Insurance Agent to report the car accident
  10. *Call your Chiropractor for an exam*

    Note: These are only suggested guidelines, and are not intended to replace individual state/local laws.
    This does not substitute for legal advice.